What is AgeTechX

AgeTechX brings together partner corporations and innovative startups from around the world to collaborate on solutions related to aging. The focus in on living longer and more healthily by bringing technologies that can make a difference to everyday citizens.

What is AgeTech?

AgeTech addresses a wide range of issues related to aging, including but not limited to, physical and mental challenges, changes in social status and connections, and decline in daily activities. The program will target technology that improve or resolve these issues.

AgeTech Major Themes

  • (1)Longevity & Health in Aging
    This includes understanding the aging process and how technology can keep seniors living in health.
  • (2)Active Senior Life
    This includes supporting independence both socially and physically.


We will conduct exploration, hypothesis testing, and verification over a three-year period. PoC with local governments, collaboration with startups will be conducted in an agile manner.

1st Year


Through input and workshops on startup recruitment, Japan's senior business, and the global AgeTech landscape, partner companies will explore themes and hypothesis of new business idea. 

Program Content:
Through input sessions and workshops to explore new business themes. Introduction of startup companies.

2nd Year

Hypothesis building

Recruitment of additional startups that meet the needs of the project as the theme of the initiative is narrowed down. Working side by side, participating companies will build new business models. Mentors will provide feedback on business concepts and accelerate collaboration with startups. 

Program Content:
Recruitment and introduction of additional startups, business model building, mentor sessions, business model sharing events, etc.

3rd Year


From business concept to demonstration and implementation stage. Refine the prototype through PoC to the local community and senior community. In the final year of the program, we will work out specific details toward the service launch of the business, including collaboration with startups and establishment of JVs.

Program Content:
PoC design demonstration (local community, senior community), presentation of analysis results, support for brushing up service-in, etc.

  • Organizers: Hakuhodo Inc. and Scrum Studio Inc.
  • Partners : Rakuten Insurance Group, Rohto Pharmaceuticals, Hakuhodo Inc.
  • Observers : Osaka Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Municipalities (to be coordinated)
  • Resource Partners : Japan Anti-Aging Foundation, Ostance Inc.
  • Official Website: https://www.agetechx.org/
  • Program length: 3-year program from November 2023 to October 2026
  • Start-up application: November 2023 - February 2024
  • Startup selection: March 2024 - May 2024
  • Mentoring and business development: June 2024 - October 2024
  • Demo Day: October 2024


"AgeTechX" aims to implement societal solutions to aging issues focusing on the themes of "health”, ”longevity”, and ”the 100-year life".
We are looking for the best, most innovative, stage-agnostic startups from around the world who wish to realize the objective, alongside our partner companies.
Please note that we welcome applications regardless of the business stages, be it at the idea, prototype, demonstration, or commercialized product stage.

Program Schedule


AgeTechX mentors are a diverse group of entrepreneurs, industry experts, investors, and researchers who will advise startups on their business ideas. The mentor list will be updated as needed.
  • Hiroko Akiyama

    Hiroko Akiyama

    Professor Emeritus, The University of Tokyo Visiting Professor, Research Center for Future Vision

  • Ryuichi Morishita

    Ryuichi Morishita

    Professor, Endowed Department of Clinical Gene Therapy, Osaka University Graduate School of Medicine President, Japanese Society of Gene and Cell Therapy; Vice President, Japanese Society of Anti-Aging Medicine; Vice President, Japan Anti-Aging Association; Former Strategy Counselor, Health and Medical Strategy Office, Cabinet Office; Special Advisor, Osaka Prefecture and Osaka City; General Producer, Osaka Pavilion Promotion Committee, Japan International Expo 2025

  • Ryoto Kikukawa

    Ryoto Kikukawa

    CEO, Ostance Inc.

  • Anthony Vennare

    Anthony Vennare

    Fitt Insider


  • Rakuten Insurance

Program Organizers

About Hakuhodo Senior Business Force

Group of specialists who develops and implements senior businesses based on "100 year-life expectancy”

With the arrival of the 100-year life expectancy era, population of “50-plus” has become the majority in Japan. Hakuhodo Senior Business Force will provide creative and practical business solutions to create new value and business opportunities by identifying insights from the senior demographic through a deeper understanding of "100-year sei-katsu-sha" than anyone else in the "50-plus majority society.

About Scrum Studio, Inc.

Scrum Studio, Inc. is an open innovation platform formed to bridge the gap between iconic Japanese corporations and startups from around the world. The platform focuses on three pillars to create new business opportunities: acceleration, incubation, and connection. Its vertical studio programs include SmartCityX, and Food Tech Studio - Bites!
Learn more at https://scrum.vc/studio/

About Scrum Ventures

Scrum Ventures is an early-stage venture firm based in San Francisco with a growing Tokyo office. With entrepreneurial expertise and a strong network in Japan, we actively support portfolio global growth and success.
Learn more at https://scrum.vc/

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