01When will the startups participating in this program be decided?
The selection of participating startups is scheduled to take place in early April 2024, with the decisions being finalized around that time.
02When and where does this program take place?
Input sessions, where skills and literacy related to new business development/senior marketing can be acquired, and startup recruitment will generally be conducted from November 2023 to April 2024. Meetup events for startups and mentoring sessions are planned to take place from May 2024 onwards, with selected startups invited to these events.
03How are mentors involved in this program?
Mentors are expected to contribute to the program by providing various advice and leveraging their personal networks for the development of new business ventures.
04Is this program paid?
This is a paid global business co-creation program. The details of the program fees will be communicated after a thorough explanation of the program content. The program overview is free, so please feel free to inquire if you are interested or curious about the program.
05Are transportation and accommodation expenses for events covered by the program?
Generally, these expenses will not be covered.
06Please let me know how intellectual property will be handled during the program.
Intellectual property rights for business plans and products developed during the program period belong to the participants.
01Guide to Applying:
To apply, complete the form at https://forms.gle/7fRbbDgPPwJWocGu8 .
02Startup Selection Process:
Startups are chosen by carefully reviewing responses to the application form, followed by document assessments. Shortlisted candidates may undergo Q&A reviews conducted by the program office.
03Program Details:
Meetups and mentoring sessions begin from May 2024. Selected startups are invited to these events, fostering collaboration within the program.
04Benefits for Selected Startups:
Selected startups gain exclusive access to invitation-only events and programs. Learn from global mentors, connect with investors, and explore various business opportunities within the "Age Tech" domain.
05Time Commitment:
Participating startups can engage in invitation-only events and webinars without strict time constraints. Active participation in exclusive conferences and online programs is recommended to maximize benefits. Selected companies will pitch their achievements at the October 2024 Demo Day.
06Empower Your Growth with Mentors: 
Imagine seasoned mentors guiding you with invaluable advice and expanding your professional network to fuel the growth of your startup. Their insights, drawn from rich business experiences, are poised to elevate your journey in this program.
07Unlock Opportunities, Not Just Funding: 
While funding isn't part of the program, think beyond capital. Seize the chance for personalized investment opportunities and strategic connections that can reshape the trajectory of your venture. 
08Enrich Your Future for Free: 
Here's the exciting part – the program comes at no cost! Dive into a world of possibilities, harnessing knowledge and resources without worrying about financial barriers. 
09Your Commitment, Your Investment: 
While the program generally doesn't cover travel and lodging expenses, consider it an investment in your journey. Every step you take towards your goals, even those not reimbursed, is a testament to your commitment and determination. 
10Own Your Ideas, Ignite Your Legacy: 
The intellectual property rights of the groundbreaking business plans and innovative products you develop during the program belong to you. It's your chance to own your ideas, shaping a legacy that extends far beyond the program's duration.