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  • Rakuten Insurance

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  • Osaka cci
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  • Ostance
  • Japan Anti-Aging Foundation


  • Emiko Kosaki

    Rakuten Insurance Planning Co., Ltd.
    Executive Officer of Rakuten Group, Inc. and Executive Officer of Rakuten Insurance Planning Co., Ltd.

    The mission of Rakuten Insurance Group is to empower people and society with insurance that delivers "peace of mind." By participating in AgeTechX, we aim to create services that allow everyone to stay positive for as long as possible each day in the "100-year life."

  • Yoshie Okochi

    ROHTO Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

    Rohto Pharmaceutical has set "Connect for 'Well-being'" as its management vision, aiming to create new value and contribute to individuals and society by "connecting" various people, things, events, and data both inside and outside the company. In the future, we also consider the pursuit of "happy lifespan" beyond healthy lifespan to be an important goal. We look forward to the realization of a sustainable healthy longevity society and the extension of happy lifespan, stemming from new co-creation through participation in AgeTechX, leading to improvement in the quality of life of consumers.

  • Jun Matsuda

    Senior Business Force Brand Transformation Creative Division 2

    Hakuhodo's Senior Business Force Mission is "expanding our DNA of 'Sei-katsu-sha life insight' into '100-year Sei-katsu-sha life insight', with deep understanding of senior citizens, and creating new values in our society". In the "AgeTechX", we would like to create business solutions to the challenges faced by Japan's aging society, in collaboration with startups around the world that have innovative ideas and technologies. I look forward to working with all the participants of AgeTechX as "one team" to realize the society where people want to live up to over 100 years old.